Wayne Storz
The Diary of Wayne
Das Tagebuch des Wayne.
it is a funny thing
feeling what others feel and relating to it.
I am fascinated by the idea that we are all born exactly the same and then over time, as we grow
different things happen and we begin to change.
Its what happens to us that defi nes who we become
but really, deep down we are identical
In our heads, there is this idea of everybody else
but in reality, we all feel the same thing
I love capturing the complexities of people
and learning about the experiences that have shaped them

Born in Stuttgart (Germany) as a true 90's Kid,
I work a lot with bands, start-ups, brand ambassadors and Co., but also teams like the RedBull Driftbrothers are part of my customer base.
I originally came to life behind the lens through a very action sports-heavy past, and petrol in my vains I represent the best mixture of commercial marketing, individualism, and artistic knowledge for your projects. I am currently studying photo&graphic design and will take my final bachelor exams in Oktober 2020.

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